At Spiritsland, we are a group of professionals with extensive experience in the import and export of alcoholic beverages.

Given this experience, we have selected beverages of the highest quality, working directly with internationally renowned producers. The result is a wide range of Premium products capable of satisfying the most demanding palates.

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Our work focuses on selecting the highest quality spirits, knowing the product from the sowing of the raw material to the bottling.

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― Where We Aim

Our Mission
Our mission is to offer authentic, inimitable an unmatched products, simply sublime, excellent, with authentic Dominican roots created so that they can be enjoyed by the most discerning palates at different times.
Our Vision
The purpose is to continue to conquer the occasions for wich our distillates accompany those who choose us, and to serve as a nexus of union that will make people enjoy intense moments and senses.

― Our Products

Result of integrating experience and wisdom to create a unique product – easy to distinguish by it's pleasant and complex aromatic notes.
Reserve Rum
Result of double age system with exbourbon cask in the first stage and Cognac Oak barrels, which provides to product unique personality among worldwide rums.
Finished Cognac Rum
Result of double age system with exbourbon cask in the first stage and Single Malt Sotch Whisky Oak barrels which provide to product a unique personality among worldwide rums.
Finished Malt Whisky Rum
Result of double age system with exbourbon cask in the first stage and White Oak cask used to aged sweet wine, which brings caracter from sweet wine notes, appropiate for newcomers and conoisseurs.
Finished Sauternes Rum
Result of doublé aged system of these rums with Sherry barrels which provides to product a unique sweetness and complexity.
Finished Sherry Cream Rum
has a delicate and subtil bouquet of thyme, juniper and lime. These flavours are enhanced by the quality of the 5 times distilled, pure grain gin, whose refinement allows a perfect expression of the 14 natural botanicals it contains.
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