The world is brimming with distilleries, each offering unique experiences and tastes. Here are the top 10 distilleries that are worth the journey, from the deeply immersive to the breathtakingly beautiful.

  1. The Glenturret, Scotland

The Glenturret, the oldest operational whisky distillery in Scotland, is nestled by the Turret River in Perthshire. It houses the Lalique restaurant, a fine dining establishment overlooking the distillery’s old still houses.

The restaurant offers a selection of over 400 single malt expressions, served in exquisite Lalique crystal. After a Michelin-starred meal, a tour of the distillery awaits.

  1. Nearest Green Distillery, Nashville, US

Located an hour south of Nashville in Shelbyville, the Nearest Green Distillery is a must-visit in Tennessee.

The distillery offers a comprehensive historical tour, followed by whiskey tasting. Don’t miss the Humble Baron, home to the world’s longest bar.

  1. Takamaka’s Trois Frères Distillery, Seychelles

The Trois Frères Distillery, run by brothers Bernard and Richard d’Offay, is renowned for its premium Takamaka rums. The distillery houses a small museum showcasing the history of Seychelles and its famous rum. After the tour, enjoy a rum tasting session and meet the distillery’s resident tortoises, Taka and Maka.

  1. Glenmorangie, Scotland

Glenmorangie’s distillery, known for its extra-tall swan neck stills, is a sight to behold. Located in the Scottish Highlands, the distillery offers tours throughout the year. After sampling a variety of whiskies, consider a stay at Glenmorangie House, a boutique guesthouse that embodies the brand.

  1. Joy Spence Appleton Estate Rum Experience, Jamaica

The Appleton Estate rum experience, named after master blender Joy Spence, offers a sensory tour through the history of the brand. The tour includes visits to the distillery, ageing room, and beautifully landscaped grounds.

After sampling the rum, enjoy some cocktails at the air-conditioned bar.

  1. Milk & Honey Distillery, Israel

Located in the vibrant city of Tel Aviv, the Milk & Honey Distillery offers an insight into the production of award-winning spirits in Israel.

The distillery offers a variety of tours, workshops, and private events, providing a comprehensive understanding of the whisky-making process.

  1. Hernö Gin Hotel, Sweden

While not a distillery, the Hernö Gin Hotel is a must-visit for gin lovers. Located near the city of Härnösand, the hotel offers a restaurant, a cocktail bar, and a conference department. A visit to the Hernö Gin distillery, the first gin distillery in Sweden, is also recommended.

  1. Kyoto Distillery House of Ki No Bi, Japan

The Kyoto Distillery, home to the acclaimed gin brand Ki No Bi, is located in a traditional ‘machiya’ townhouse in Kyoto. The distillery offers a shop, a bar area, exhibitions, and a blending room. Seminars for gin enthusiasts are also available.

  1. Four Pillars Distillery, Australia

The Four Pillars Distillery, Australia’s first carbon-neutral gin site, offers a range of craft-led experiences, including gin masterclasses and gin maker sessions. The distillery was built using upcycled and recycled materials, and is powered by solar panels.

  1. The Macallan Distillery, Scotland

The Macallan Distillery, known for its unique roof design inspired by ancient Scottish hills, offers premium experiences.

These includethe Mastery Experience, a five-course dinner with a whisky flight, and a chauffeured experience in partnership with Bentley Motors.

Each of these distilleries offers a unique experience, from the history and heritage of Scotland’s oldest distilleries to the innovative practices of newer establishments. Whether you’re a whisky connoisseur, a rum enthusiast, or a gin lover, these distilleries offer something for everyone. So, start planning your journey and immerse yourself in the world of spirits.