Now one of the most popular spirits in the world, whiskey sometimes leaves us confused as to its history. Who invented it and when? Is he Irish or Scottish? It is said that its birth dates back more than 4000 years according to research carried out by archaeologists. Let’s find out what it is and dive into the origin of whisky.

A discovery dating back to prehistoric times

Between myth and legend, the origin of whiskey goes back a long time.

The first traces of distillation were found in Egypt in 3000 BC At that time, it was used for the distillation of perfumes and the design of kohl.

The concept of alcohol did not appear until the end of the Middle Ages. This word is derived from the Arabic al khô.

Around the 9th century BC. C., India would have produced a kind of liquor. This was made from sugar cane and molasses.

On the other hand, research has also been able to testify that traces of distillation have also been found in Asia in the year 1000 BC.

It was mainly the Greeks who mentioned the use of distillation, including Aristotle who spoke of it in his treatise on meteorology.

With the expansionism in Europe from the twelfth century, the conception of this liquor was refined more and more.

The origin of whiskey is linked to different recognized personalities

The origin of whiskey also remains inseparable from great personalities who have helped shape its history over time. We can mention in particular:

  • Saint Patrick, who first comes to mind. He is of Scottish origin and has made religious trips to Ireland. He would have, according to history, introduced whiskey to Europe after his many travels, including those to Egypt.
  • Elijah Craig, the forerunner of the famous bourbon, a variant of whiskey. He notably democratized drinking in the United States.
  • Jack Daniel, who introduced other varieties of whiskey and even became a renowned label today.

Other names may also be mentioned, such as Andrew Usher in Scotland. He founded the largest distilleries in the region, as did John Power in Ireland.

Whiskey today

Today’s whiskey comes from multiple manufacturers. It is no longer just a matter of the Irish or the Scots.

It should be noted that France is currently one of the world’s leading whiskey consumers, well ahead of the United States and Uruguay with a consumption of approximately 2.5 liters per year and per capita.

For enthusiasts, tasting a whiskey is an art that requires special arrangements. It starts with the choice of lenses. Next come other more personalized and specific techniques for each person.

As for pairings with whiskey, we prefer smoked salmon, seafood… And if we usually have cheese with wine, did you know that whiskey goes perfectly with cheese boards?