Produced around the world, rum is a spirit with an alcoholic strength of at least 40%.

For fans and regulars, its tasting must follow a certain complex and ceremonial process so as not to lose its flavor. In fact, the tasting of a rum is generally part of a particular style, even if it remains a simple and pleasant pleasure. Do you want to drink it? I give you here some tips to do it in the rules of art.

Choose the right glass to taste your rum

The choice of equipment is a very important detail to make the most of your rum. We usually use rum tasting glasses or tulip glasses with a wide belly, but a narrower neck (chimney). This particular shape allows the alcohol to have a good contact surface while slowing down the buildup of odors in the mouth and nose.

As a result, the spirit is well oxygenated while the aromas, more subtle and light, are well concentrated to reveal themselves throughout the tasting. Beyond the shape of the glass, which must be adapted, the material you choose must please you for its grip, its grip and the quality of the materials used.

Put yourself in the right conditions

It is not enough to pour your spirit into a glass and put it in your mouth to taste it. If you want to enjoy your rum well, it is important that you put yourself in the right conditions. First, you should choose a calm and peaceful environment with a neutral smell where you are alone with your rum. Then you can better enjoy the aromas that emanate from your glass.

Next, your rum should be served at room temperature. Whether it is a wine or a strong alcohol, the cold reduces the aromas and prevents you from enjoying them. Therefore, it is preferable not to add ice cubes to your rum during your tasting. Beyond the cold that inhibits odors, the ice would be diluted in the alcohol, reducing its aromatic concentration to prevent its perception and make it more insipid. Also, you should avoid spicy food or smoking before embarking on a rum tasting session.

Finally, you must prepare your bottle of spirits according to your preferences and your type of tasting (uncovered, horizontal, vertical or by country of origin). For a unique experience, I highly recommend that you provide two or three bottles, at a minimum, and start with the lightest by preparing glasses of water between each tasting.

Taste your rum

In general, the standard dose of a glass of rum at 40% alcohol is 3 cl. If you plan to try several liqueurs or if the alcohol doses are too high, you can of course reduce the quantity to 2 or 1 cl. It is true that everyone is free to taste their rum as they wish. However, tasting according to the rules of art appeals to all the senses to make you discover the true potential of your drink.

Sight and smell

Once you have served your rum, look at it and carefully observe its color. Although it is true that it does not allow you to deduce the age of your drink, it does have nuances and reflections that could fascinate you. In some cases, you may notice a slightly oily, greenish trace on the surface. This is a good sign as it usually indicates that it is a very old rum.

Tasting a rum is first and foremost making the most of its aromas. Start by placing it at the level of your breastbone (you’ll notice that you’re already expressing yourself), then gradually bring it up to your nose without sinking it there. You risk getting burned. Then place your glass horizontally and walk your glass around the glass to discover all its aromas : the lighter and more volatile notes (fresh fruit and flowers) at the top and on top of the glass, then the heavier notes (wood, fruit mature) at the bottom and below.

To finish, alternate nostrils by moving your cup horizontally in front of your nose. This will allow you to capture the depth of the aromatic palette that your rum can contain.


After observing and appreciating the aromas, the time has finally come to taste your rum. Start by taking a few drops to coat your palate. This first attack will give you your first impressions and help you better understand the texture of your brandy. Then take a small sip to coat your throat and discover the delicacy and complexity of their rum.

Before continuing, try smelling your rum again. You will discover new aromas and a new perception, since oxidation and rest make your spirit evolve. Finally, you can have a real sip to finish your tasting. This will help you discover what flavor your rum will leave after you taste it. With proper preparation, there is no doubt that you will enjoy your spirit, without surprises or burns, until the end. If you plan to try another one, drink some water before moving on to the next bottle.